Word Ladder: Double Entendres

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Can you name the four-letter words in this word ladder featuring some immature double entendres & synonyms?

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Clue4-letter Answer
Derelicts; tramps; vagabonds
To lightly strike or collide
A hill or mountain
Continuous, droning sounds
Simple roofed dwellings
Furrows or grooves in the ground
Slang: Scoundrels; traitors
Some male sheep
Barriers erected to obstruct the flow of liquid
Female equivalent of the 'Knight' title
A spherical, vaulted roof or ceiling
To approach or move toward
Multiple fruit grown on pine, fir, spruce, etc.
Calcified structure composing the skeleton
A deadly poison or an adversary to Batman
Clue4-letter Answer
Staff used to assist in walking
Enlightenment philosopher Immanuel _____
French word for 'so much' or 'so many'
'Make a point without making an enemy.'
A detail known as being of reality
A visage
Electoral campaign
Fixture used for hanging objects
Male chicken; rooster
In carpentry, a dowel through a scarf joint
Jacket; cloak
Small talk
Informal receipt or voucher

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