Biggest Organisms Ever

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Can you name the following living or extinct organisms as bigger or smaller than the example?

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Organism: ClueBigger (B) or Smaller (S)?Info
Mushroom (fruiting body): 5,000kg?
Dog: 300kg?
Crocodilian: 100 feet long?
Tree: 500 feet tall?
Eagle: 8 foot wingspan?
Snake: 2 feet diameter?
Bacterium: 0.1mm in diameter?
Bear: 8 feet tall?
Insect: 2kg?
Shark: 50 feet long?
Amphibian: 20 feet?
Whale: 250 tonnes?
Dinosaur: 200 tonnes?
Flightless Bird: 650kg?
Jellyfish: 100 foot tentacles?
Sloth: 5 tonnes?

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