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Can you name the movie based on the first names of a set of sibling characters?

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Judy and Peter1995
Annie and Hallie1998
Lex and Tim1993
Bart, Lisa, and Maggie2007
Amy, Beth, Jo, and Meg1994
Dwayne and Olive2006
Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Ginny, Percy, and Ron2011
Ferris and Jeanie1986
Elwood and Jake1980
Cal and Aron1955
Mufasa and Scar1994
Jem and Scout1962
Eli, Mary, and Paul2007
Anastasia, Cinderella, and Drizella1950
Hannah, Holly, and Lee 1986
Charlie and Raymond1988
Commodus and Lucilla2000
Connie, Fredo, Michael, and Sonny1972
Dil and Tommy1998
Laurie and Michael1978
Leia and Luke1977
Dicky and Micky2010
Edmund, Lucy, Peter, and Susan2005
Bianca and Kat1999
Anne and Mary2008
Donnie and Elizabeth2001
David and Linus1954
Elliott, Gertie, and Michael1982
Elizabeth, Jane, Kitty, Lydia, and Mary2005
Buzz, Jeff, Kevin, Linnie, and Megan1990

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