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Country Invaded In World War I
Tsar of All Russia
Highway System
Scientifically Discovered Dinosaur
Modern Olympic Games Host
Artist to Sell 1,000,000 Records
NFL Player With 5,000 Season Passing Yards
Home Video Game Console
U.S. President to Formally Declare War
Antibiotic Discovered
Transplanted Vital Organ
U.S. State to Adopt Women's Suffrage
Modern American Country Columbus Visited
Woman in Outer Space
World Series Winner
Nuclear Explosion Test Code-Name
Artificial Satellite in Orbit
Skateboarder to Land a Succesful 900° Spin
United Nations Secretary-General
Nobel Physics Prize Laureate
Cable Television Network
Extra-Solar Star From Earth
Pilot to Officially Break the Sound Barrier
Modern President of China
Non-Stop Circumnavigation Flight Pilots
Broadcast Television Network
Film Budget ≥$100 million
Expedition-Leader to Reach South Pole
1967 NHL Expansion Team to Win Stanley Cup
Female Member of U.S. Congress
U.S. President Born in a Hospital
African American Member of U.S. Congress
MLB Player to 500 Home Runs
Heisman Trophy Winner
Film Budget ≥$200 million
Spacecraft to Land on Mars
Modern English Premier League Champion
Beatles Album Released
Disney Feature Film
Portable Consumer MP3 Player

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