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Can you name the films / Described in haiku poems / Horror flicks only?

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From Antarctic cold / This monstrosity mimics / Who knows who is whom?1982
All work and no play / Must be driving dad crazy / 'Here's Johnny!' he howls1980
Holed up at the mall / These things mindlessly wander / Just like reality1978
Something is not right / He interacts not with light / And stirs quite a fright!1933
Bullied lonesome boy / Finds friendship with vampire girl / Love is a strange thing2008
A living dead man / Kills to rebuild his own flesh / What's a Cenobite?1987
Loomis lost Michael / Mike plans to stab once again / The 'boogie man' lurks1978
Sacrifice the child? / Mia Farrow won't have it / But he's Satan's son1968
Norman has wise words: / 'We all go a little mad' / (Maybe it's just him)1960
Vincent Price mangled / Vows vengeance on the doctors / Who failed to save wife1971
Expressionist style / 'Berühmt' silent horror film / The first twist ending1920
Students abroad lured / To torture-for-hire terror / Gory, to say least2005
Carol says 'they're here' / She's warped into the closet / How to bring her back?1982
Death at summer camp / Counselors too enamored / Poor Kevin Bacon1980
Open the bay doors. / Yes, I'd like to hear it, HAL. / A trippy ending1968
Teleportation? / Doesn't seem to work quite right / With all this buzzing1958
Lon Chaney Jr. / This guy detests a full moon / Really needs to shave1941
Ash is just groovy / Sam Raimi was so absurd / Before Spider-Man1987
Son of the jackal / 'Accidents' are unlikely / Little boy's a fiend1976
A toy is possessed / Mom won't believe it's the truth / So many sequels1988
Piscine humanoid / Terrorizes scientists / In the Amazon1954
Car ran out of gas / Forced to stop at strange homestead / Dispatched one-by-one1974
E.T.'s invade town / Replace people with doubles / Cold War imagery1956
Monster wants a mate / Doctor reluctant to help / What's up with that hair?1935
Stuntman runs down girls / Smashes them with his stunt car / It is that simple2007
Via Ouija board / Georgetown University / Witchcraft or something1973
Children of the night / What music they make for him / This iconic vamp1931
This tape is haunted / No wonder VHS died: / It was self-defense2002
Covered up killing / But guy isn't really dead / And now wants revenge1997
Stuck indoors all day / He must be imagining / The neighbor killed her1954
Cruel schoolmates hatch plot / Telekinetic girl mad / Reacts and kills all1976
Dreams are strange enough / Without a murderous nut / Better stay awake1984
Built upon clichés / Classic 90's slasher flick / What's your favorite?1996
This Jigsaw fellow / Has a crooked moral code / Elaborate kills2004

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