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Can you name the terms below with 'November' in the name?

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Date of UK holiday 'Guy Fawkes Night'
The final table event at the World Series of Poker
A sailors' term for the wind that blows across the Great Lakes
Final 'Nielson ratings' metering period of a year
Nickname for the 2001 MLB World Series
Alternate term for the Czechoslavakian 'Velvet Revolution'
2001 romantic drama remake starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron
Hit 1991 heavy-metal ballad
Lepidopteran insect species 'Epirrita dilutata' found throughout Europe
Soviet 'Project 627' submarine's NATO designation
The debut album of indie artist Kate Mann
American non-profit grassroots organization that opposes the 'War On Drugs'
An 1830-1831 Polish armed rebellion against the Russian Empire, also known as the 'Cadet Revolution'
German socialist group formed in 1918
1990 Morrissey single that charted #12 in the UK

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