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Can you name the terms below with 'November' in the name?

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2001 romantic drama remake starring Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron
Lepidopteran insect species 'Epirrita dilutata' found throughout Europe
An 1830-1831 Polish armed rebellion against the Russian Empire, also known as the 'Cadet Revolution'
Hit 1991 heavy-metal ballad
Nickname for the 2001 MLB World Series
American non-profit grassroots organization that opposes the 'War On Drugs'
A sailors' term for the wind that blows across the Great Lakes
The debut album of indie artist Kate Mann
The final table event at the World Series of Poker
Alternate term for the Czechoslavakian 'Velvet Revolution'
German socialist group formed in 1918
Date of UK holiday 'Guy Fawkes Night'
Soviet 'Project 627' submarine's NATO designation
1990 Morrissey single that charted #12 in the UK
Final 'Nielson ratings' metering period of a year

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