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Can you name the comical movies below by scene?

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uck-Day oup-Say erk-Jay oy-Tay ory-Stay oger-Ray abbit-Ray ootsie-Tay ome-Say ike-Lay it ot-Hay oducers-Pray octor-Day angelove-Stay ection-Elay ish-Fay alled-Cay anda-Way inal-Spay ap-Tay impsons-Say ig-Bay ebowski-Lay ig-Bay ife-Lay of ian-Bray edding-Way ashers-Cray ary-Scay ovie-May appy-Hay ilmore-Gay chormay-Ay irplane-Ay nnie-Ay all-Hay ad-May, ad-May, ad-May, ad-May, orld-Way addyshack-Cay aceballs-Spay
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