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Reasons Why You Should Date ThemCharacter NameReasons Why Not
Has held precisely the same management position for more than ten years (aside from a few months in 2009); Little kid lover; Surprisingly gifted salesman; Part-time screenwriter. Has never met a social faux pas he failed to commit; Will tell his entire staff about your sexual exploits; Once ran over his employee; If you're Asian, he may confuse you with another person.
Extremely ambitious government employee; Would like to become first female President of the USA; Succeeded in filling in the pit.Somewhat naïve; Will show up to work with the flu, no matter how much she's told she shouldn't; Extremely messy home; Prone to distorting harsh truths – like a boss who doesn't believe in public government – in her own view.
Bright and committed to animal rights; According to one version of the future, will actually be President one day; Women in her family are uniformly talented and competent.Men in her family are complete disasters; Not entirely clear where her hair stops and her head starts; Has been in elementary school for more than two decades.
Ready, willing and able to settle down; Financially stable; Will remember everything about his life up to and including how he meets you.Prone to socially questionable romantic gestures; Inadvertent homewrecker; Will stretch the story of how you met over (nearly) an entire decade, boring your children to death.
Genius; Astronaut (somehow...); Inventor of transformation chamber, fully functional life-size robot(s); Lover of cheese.Bit of a nerd; Bit of a klutz; Not his alter ego.
Brilliant; Will find out exactly what's wrong with you if you fall ill; Occasionally rides a motorcycle.Recovering (and lapsed, and recovering again, etc.) drug addict; Will insult, belittle and demean you; May send employees to break into your house.
Bright, experienced educator; Skilled chemist; Cool nickname; Occasionally made of pure awesome.Kind of dying; Kind of a murderer (except not really “kind of”); Corrupted his former student into being a murderer to save his own life.
Friends with people of all colors (including blue, purple, and green); Superhero (in his dreams); Has a very cool dog.Definitely has quite the nose; In love with a girl with a squeaky voice.
Movie and TV star; Potential future EGOT winner; close relationship with a Spaceman.Somewhat (or is it very?) mentally ill; Self-centered and irresponsible; Prone to showing his 'funcooker' on air.
Erudite and articulate; Smartest member of his family; Actually managed to win “The Bachelorette.”Kind of a drunk; Kind of a canine; Took way too long to finish that novel he'd been working on.
Strong progressive ideals; Teargassed at World Trade rally; Veteran of the Peace Corps; Often the voice of reason in her study group; vegetarian.Vegetarian; Buzzkill; Rather preachy; Unable to pronounce “bagel” correctly.
Strong-willed woman; (New) New York native; Skilled captain and leader with distinctive appearance and hair color.Poor depth perception; Descended from sewer mutants; Will not be born for nine centuries.
Oldest son of wealthy family; Gradually (and weirdly) becoming more muscular; Quite the dancer, if you're into Tom Jones.Overdosed on pills at high school dance; Prone to shrieking fits; Butt of his “royal” cousin's jokes.
Stylish; Extremely wealthy and in possession of many valuable artifacts; World traveler; Beautiful hair and side of face.A bit hard to find, especially if she happens to be in Africa.
Dashing, worldly, suave young Hispanic man; Mature and intuitive for his age; fan of romance and dinner jackets; Extremely beautiful mother; Amusing (if exasperating) family.Preteen; Seems to have a crush on his cousin (by marriage).
Sunny demeanor; Optimistic and happy; Beautiful blue eyes.Has a dead-end job and is satisfied with it; Buck teeth; You probably can't breathe where he lives.
Tough, independent woman; Knows how to handle a weapon; Among other heroics, delivered a baby at the scene of a car accident.Sort of married to the job; Often in the line of fire; Professional partners with a man whose name contradicts how unstable he is.
Enemy of terrorists everywhere; Handles his business in a single day, after which he does very little for extended periods of time he could be spending with you!Pro-torture; Frequently in grave danger; Do not expect to live long if you are his love interest.
Successful sitcom writer; Took in family of Blacks after Hurricane Katrina.Obsessed with petty details; Very poor actor, whether he is on Broadway or playing a fictionalized version of himself (Note: may already be fictionalized version of someone).
Um. This is hard. Well, he's very funny if you don't have to deal with him? Somehow dates a succession of beautiful women, including one that also dated number 6.Short, stocky, slow-witted bald man; Prone to “gettin' upset;” Cheated in a contest; Convicted felon.

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