Super Hero Identities - Spider-Man

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Can you name the Super Hero Identities - Spider-Man?

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Secret IdentityCostumed IdentityHint
Angelica JonesSpider-Man's amazing friend
Miguel O'HaraParty like it's 100 years after 1999
Sarah EhretFace it tiger...
Max DillonGreen and gold circuit-breaker
Vladimir KravinoffFan of the Most Dangerous Game
Flint MarkoBring me a dream
May ParkerNicknamed 'MayDay'
Martin LiDefinitively anti-positive
Peter ParkerThe one and only
Jessica DrewWhat is she, his cousin or something?
Adrian ToomesWhite men can't fly
Cassandra WebbBlind psychic powerhouse
Eddie BrockPost-Venom identity
Lilly HollisterAs featured in 'Brand New Day'
Carol DanversFellow hero and potential hot date
Secret IdentityCostumed IdentityHint
Ben ReillyNon-Spider-Man identity
Aleksei SytsevichHis horn is worse that his bite
Mac GarganPost-Scorpion identity
Anya CorazonAspiring teenage spider-hero
Otto OctaviusEight is enough
Cletus KasadyChip off the old symbiote
Anton Miguel RodriguezNice toe-spikes!
Phineas MasonThe brains behind the operation
Hobie BrownMisunderstood kid turned hero
Norman OsbornHis first, armor-free identity
Felicia HardyFancies a walk on the wild side
Wilson FiskWhen he sits around the office...
Curt ConnorsLean, mean and green
Thomas FireheartHalf businessman, half mercenary
Herman SchultzIs that costume made from a quilt?

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