Super Hero Identities - Batman Edition

Random Entertainment or DC Comics Quiz

Can you name the costumed identities of these Batman characters?

Featured May 6, 2010

How to Play
Secret IdentityCostumed IdentityHint
Bruce WaynePerhaps you've heard of him...
Harvey DentFlip a coin...
Tim DrakePost-Robin identity
Pamela IsleyChlorophyll enthusiast
Selina KyleAnother no-brainer...
Jason ToddPost-Resurrection identity
Stephanie BrownFirst Post-Robin identity
Barbara GordonWheels up!
Jervis TetchJust don't mention Alice
Oswald CobblepotSushi anyone?
Kate SpencerGotham District Attorney
Helena BertinelliItalian never looked this good
Kate KaneIntroduced in 52
Renee MontoyaNo longer just a cop
Edward NigmaStop me if you've heard this one...
Wayne BruceMe LOVE Batman
Rory ReganTalk about a coat of many colors...
Thomas BlakeHas a pet Siberian tiger
Cassandra CainNot the most banter-friendly costume
Thomas ElliotDon't say a word...
Jonathan CraneAvid Stephen King fan
Damian WayneChip off the old bat
Arnold WeskerBig Scarface fan and little Scarface fan
Charles BrownGood grief... watch out for the trees!
Dick GraysonPost-Robin, Pre-Batman identity
Victor FriesChill out, man!
Kirk LangstromBat-gland formula? Ewww...

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