Marvel Comics Super Groups

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Can you name the Marvel Comics Super Groups?

Updated Feb 9, 2012

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Roster Includes a Gorilla and a Robot
Nick Fury's Original Elite Strike Force
Secret Department Tasked With Monitoring Alternate Realities
Norman Osborn's Acronym-Happy Group
Space Pirates Led by Cyclops' Father
Canadian Super Team with USAgent
Race of Feathered Warriors
Super Team Comprised of Villains Posing as Heroes
Canadian Government Organization
Group of Mutant Terrorists Led by Mystique
Cosmic Team Containing a Raccoon and a Tree
Alternate Reality Super Team Led by Hyperion
Super Team Created by Children of Super Villains
Premier Mutant Super Team
US Military's Anti-Hulk Super Squad
Alien Super Team Led by Gladiator
Race of Warriors Includes Rom
Super Villain Team Powered by Tools
Mutant-Hunting Super Team or Mutant Assasination Squad
Race That Called the Moon Home
Emma Frost's First Try at a Super Team
Company Responsible for Iron Man's Technology
Mr Sinister's Cloned Super Villain Team
Mightiest of Super Teams
Devotees of the Master of Magnetism
Black Panther Refused to Join This Secret Society
Super 'Non-Team' with Ever-Changing Roster
Defunct Super Team Which Included Ghost Rider and Black Widow
Cut Off One Head...
United States Agency led by Nick Fury
Shape-Shifting Little Green Men
Misfit Super Team Based in Milwaukee
Group of Intergalactic Law Enforcement
Race of Alien Insects with Queens and Mothers
Original Canadian Super Team
World's Most Famous Super Team
Short-Lived Super Team of Teenage Mutants Assembled by 'Cyclops'
Junior Mutant Team Led By Sam and Dani
Alien Response Organization Headed by Agent Brand
Teenage Super Team Assembled by Kang
Captain America's First Super Team
Where Do They Keep Getting Ninjas?!?
Nick Fury's New Elite Strike Force
Super Soldier Organization that Created 'The World'
Captain America-less World War II Super Team
Russian Government's Super Team
Either Mystique's Old Team or the Montana Initiative Team
Supernatural Team Recently Tasked with Zombie Duty
Half-Dozen of Spider-Man's Most Dangerous Foes
Mutant Detective Agency
Four-Member Sibling Super Team
Short-Lived Super Team Who Fought Natural Disasters
Replaced 'Disassembled' Super Team After Prison Breakout
Secret Group with Chess-Themed Leaders
Super Team of Former Villains (Later of Actual Villains)
Adam Warlock's Original Cosmic Team
National Super Team of Japan
Baron Zemo's League of Villains
LA Super Team Led by Hawkeye
Each Member Must Choose Between the Sword and the Amulet
Group of Sewer-Dwelling Mutants
Female Super Team With Charity Focus
Race of Aliens Responsible for Captain Marvel
Secret British Super Team Led by Pete Wisdom
Former Teen Hero Support Group
Scientific Terrorists
Defunct British Super Team Led by Captain Britain
Race of 100 Artificial Super-Powered Protectors
Reality-Hopping Super Team
CA Initiative Team with Rotating Members

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