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Middle name
Confirmation name
Date of Birth
High School attended
College attending
Brother's name
Sister's name
Village of Residence
(New York) 
Place of Birth
(New York) 
[Registered] Political Party
Favorite Store
Favorite Superhero
Favorite Color
Dog's name
Eye Color
College Major
College Minor
Desired Occupation
Favorite 90's Band
Favorite 00's Band
Musical goddess
Song by this goddess
I HATE her
Favorite MTV Show
Guilty pleasure TV show
Whats on my wall in bedroom
Whats on my wall in dorm
Favorite thing to do
Favorite ice cream
Four places of heritage
My passion in life
My order at McDonalds
My rap name
High School clique
I LOVE her
Language taken in HS
Favorite Movie genre
Car I drive
Favorite car
The tattoo I would get
I take my dunkin ice coffee...
I can eat this every day
Most noticeable scar is on my...
BEST sports team
Geographic location I'm from/repp
Favorite soft drink
Unusual fear of...
Instrument I want to learn

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