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'Sanity and ________ are an impossible combination' - Mark Twain
'_____ thyself only, and another shall not betray thee' - Thomas Fuller
'____ has its uses but cowardice has not' - Mahatma Gandhi
'Happiness can exist only in __________' - George Orwell
'Seek ______ mainly from thyself, for it comes first from within' - Steven H. Coogler
'________ is the dog that can't bite, but never stops barking' - Proverb
'In general, _____ is at the bottom of all great mistakes' - Steven H. Coogler
'_____ as soon as fed is dead - tis starving makes it fat' - Emily Dickinson
'Make no judgements when you have no _________' - Anne McCaffrey
'________ is a self-defeating dream' - Carlos Salinas de Gortari
'_____ must be no more than vigilance, otherwise it can become dangerous' - George C. Lichtenberg
'Love is a willingness to _________' - Michael Novak
'The value of _______ is that so often with it comes purpose' - Richard R. Grant

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