Events of Controversy 1 1937-1939

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EventYearSaucy bits of info
Hitler met Colonel Beck (Polish Foreign Minister)
Spitfire officially introduced
Ribbentrop asked Poles to give up Danzig, in return for guarantees of its borders
Chamberlain appointed PM
Chamberlain flew to Bad Godesberg to meet Hitler
Hitler annexed Austria.
Results of Munich Conference
Baldwin retired
Lord Halifax becomes Foreign Secretary
Type: 'Baldwin *Shakes fist*'
Radical change in GB's defence poilicy - Military talks with France and raising an army of 32 divisions.
Memel handed over to Germany
EventYearSaucy bits of info
Germany invaded Poland
Czechoslovakia declared martial law
GB guaranteed Greece and Romania
Runciman Mission
Anthony Eden resigns
Britain introduced conscription
Pact of Steel between Germany and Italy
Chamberlain met Hitler at Berchtesgaden
Munich Conference
End of Czechoslovakia
Chinese-Japanese War
Munich Agreement
EventYearSaucy bits of info
38 million gas masks were distributed
Chamberlain and Halifax visited Italy together and met up with Musso. Anyone thinking threesome!
British Guarantee to Poland
KristallNacht (Killing of Jews and destroying of Jewish shops etc)
Hitler demanded self-determination of the Sudeten Germans
Britain and France declared war against Germany
Chamberlain tried to 'chicken out' of helping Poland
Nazi-Soviet Pact
Chamberlain told the Commons that GB vital interests were not involved in Czechoslovakia
Musso sent troops in to Albania

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