1917-1937 British Foreign Policy revision

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EventDateSaucy bits of info
Great Depression began
Wall Street Crash
League of Nations created
Big Mac PM (2nd time)
Germany withdraws from Disarmament Conference and L of N.
Type: 'No one listens to Baldwin'
Washington Naval Agreement
Kellogg-Briand Pact
Germany's civil aviation best in Europe, 600 military aeroplanes, army of 300000
Maginot Line began to be built
End of occupation of the Ruhr
Badwin PM (3rd time)
World Disarmament Conference
Stresa Front
Hitler becomes Chancellor
Italy signed the Anti-Comitern Pact
EventDateSaucy bits of info
Hitler sent troops into the demilitarised Rhineland
France made military agreement with Poland
Treaty of Rapallo
Chamberlain introduced Four-Year Plan for rearmament
Rapprochment with USSR
Britain recognised Soviet Government
Type: 'At frickin last we're rearming'
Britain began to spend more money on the RAF
France made military agreement with Czechoslovakia
Publication of Zinoviev letter
Ramsay Macdonald (Big Mac) became PM (1st time)
Votes for women over 30 and all male suffrage
Stanley Baldwin became PM (1st time)
Badwin's Non-intervention committee
Anglo-Soviet Trade Agreement
Type: 'Uh Oh we're in trouble'
EventDateSaucy bits of info
Hitler announced airforce and introduction to conscription
Lenin's New Economic Policy (NEP)
General Strike
10-year-rule formally established
Baldwin PM (2nd time)
Type: 'Don't go chatting up our 'friend''
Young Plan
Mussolini seized power
'10-year-rule' was abandoned
Abyssinia became part of Italian empire
Italy invaded Abyssinia
Lytton Commission looked into the right and wrongs of Manchuria
Rome-Berlin Axis
Impact of Spanish Civil War Type: 'why is this the war we don't get involved in'
Type: 'Herbie'
Type: 'France are hiding behind the Maginot line'
EventDateSaucy bits of info
Import Duties Act
Anglo-German Naval Agreement
Chamberlain appointed PM
Type: 'Saucy Historians'
Spanish Civil war begins
Armistace signed for WW1
French and Belgian troops occupy the Ruhr
Japan occupied whole of Manchuria
Dawes Plan
Japanese army seized a number of points of Manchuria
Abdication Crisis
Treaty of Versailles signed
Locarno Pact
British left wing were sympathetic towards communism in USSR

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