Wizards of Waverly Place: Whodunit?

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Can you name the Wizards of Waverly Place characters with clues to their identities ?

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       Wizards of Waverly Place
A purebred werewolf from England
Leader of the dark angels who tries on two occasions to gain control of the world
Headmaster of WizTech who enjoys muffins
Bitten by a cockroach from the Wizard World and turns into one
Has Shakira as an alter-ego
Fails attempts to become a magician and a wrestling luchador; also has hydrophobia
Plans to suck Justin's powers away at Volcano Land and use them to become more powerful
Exposes being a wizard to government agents in order to save the world from aliens
Once played in a mariachi band and didn't have a Quinceañera party at age 15
Eaten by Mason and is rescued by Justin, Alex, and Max in a tiny submarine
Head of the monster hunting council and, later, the love and romance council
Named Wizard of the Year after saving the world from darkness
Dresses in a goth fashion and gives Justin his first kiss
Makes outrageous outfits, usually food-themed, and wears them
A vampire who is bitten by a werewolf and becomes very old
A mutant spell turns him into a nine-year-old girl
Fan of the Old West, dresses in western wear, and talks cowboy lingo
Plots a revolution to prevent siblings from losing powers after a wizard competition
An angel of darkness who disguises as a wizard in order to meet Justin
A descendant of the powerful wizard Rinaldi

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