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Can you name the 'smaller' Christian sects/denominations from their descriptions??

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All are rarely accused of being cults. All expanded to/from the U.S. from/to other countries.
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Awaits the imminent return of Jesus Christ; Great Disappointment of October 22, 1844 was disappointing, resulting in new denominations, such as Seventh-Day Adventists.1833
One God who is Jesus Christ; saving faith comes by belief + a life of charity and piety; all evils originate in humanity; marriage can take place in heaven.1787
Non-doctrine: since humans cannot fully comprehend the mystery of Christ, humans cannot fully express it; firm stand on unity in the Church, cooperates in worthwhile ventures.1457
'Every man' has inner light from God; no water baptism or communion; worship is known for waiting on the Holy Spirit to move; long history of refusing to engage in combat.1640s
11 Doctrines in line with the creeds; members abstain from alcohol, smoking, drugs, and gambling; communion not practiced; best known for charity work and disaster relief.1865
Fellowship of churches; evangelical, premillenialist; rejects 5-point Calvinism; opposes prosperity gospel; believer's baptism by immersion, but not necessary for salvation.1965
Very liberal denomination; encourages members to search for truth in their own way, at their own pace; belief in God or in the Bible is optional.1565
'Never place a period where God has placed a comma...God is still speaking'; 'Christian, Reformed, Congregational and Evangelical'; primarily in the Reformed tradition.1957
'Christ is Savior, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, Healer, and Soon-Coming King; equally balanced on all four sides, firm, unyielding, unhesitating.'1923
Professes salvation by grace, though many practice salvation by works; no electricity in order to isolate themselves from the world by preventing use of TVs, computers, etc.1693
Strict celibacy; no marriage; members acquired through conversion, adoption of orphans; women have the right to preach; given to singing and dancing, shaking and shouting.1747
Christ, the promised Messiah, died an atoning death for the sins of humanity; Jews are 'a covenant people through whom God continues to accomplish His purposes.'1973
Campbellites; no formal creeds or statements of faith; autonomous organization; believer's baptism by immersion; communion observed weekly; a capella singing in worship.Before 1906
Campbellites; practices open communion; believer's baptism by immersion; only essential is commitment to follow Christ; a priority is to become an anti-discrimination church.Before 1906
Soul is not immortal; believers to enter eternal life on a restored earth; no hell - wicked to be neutralized; Jesus is the Savior, but cannot be God because God cannot die.1848
Communal Anabaptists who teach absolute pacifism, no military activities, no taking orders, no wearing of a formal uniform, no paying war taxes.1529
Free grace for all and freedom to choose to accept it; one can experience personal holiness in this life; a saved person can lose salvation through sin; divine healing.1908

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