Protestant & Catholic Reformers

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Can you name the groups these Reformation-era persons are associated with?

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ReformerAssociated Group
William Tyndale
Johann Tetzel
Paul Speratus
Christian II of Denmark
John Calvin
John of the Cross
Melchior Hoffman
Martin Luther
Matthias Flacius
Henry VIII of England
Kaspar Olevianus
George Blaurock
Theodore Beza
Balthasar Hubmaier
Teresa of Avila
Ignatius of Loyola
Lawrence of Brindisi
Pope Paul III
Thomas More
Philip Neri
Thomas Cromwell
Gustav Vasa of Sweden
Francis de Sales
Johannes Bugenhagen
Menno Simons
ReformerAssociated Group
Heinrich Bullinger
John Knox
Philipp Melanchthon
Jan van Leyden
Johannes Eck
Justus Jonas
Michael Sattler
Charles Borromeo
Jan Matthys
Martin Chemnitz
Pilgram Marpeck
Dirk Philips
Ulrich Zwingli
Zacharias Ursinus
Felix Manz
Thomas Bentham
Nikolaus von Amsdorf
Johannes Oecolampadius
Thomas Müntzer
Elizabeth I of England
Thomas Cranmer
Robert Bellarmine
Conrad Grebel
Anne Boleyn
George Spalatin

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