Nebraska Towns Disguised II

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Can you name the Nebraska Towns Disguised II?

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Coded DescriptionTown
married her 'Cleopatra' co-star twice
card for February 14th
'Everybody Loves' this town
tied shoelace town
Ms. Houston
New Testament writer
honest fruit
a canal, country, or hat
Ivy League institution
Donny & Marie family
married his 'Cleopatra' co-star twice
birthday party exclamation
attractive to metal
Purina used to be its partner
flowing lumber
Coded DescriptionTown
danger; risk; peril
Battle of 1066
Dennis the Menace family
cardiac health
opposite of inferior
largest Greek island
grove of fruit trees
no witches burned here
distant watering hole
Mr. 100 dollars
McDonald's chef
Borden cow
J.R. or Sue Ellen
Czech Republic capital
pear variety

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