Georgia Towns Disguised

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Coded DescriptionTown
Elizabeth of 'Bewitched'
the purple dinosaur
Fruitcake Capital of the World
Sorceress le Fay or US financier J.P.
famous 1969 music festival
require additional
'Dancing Queen' group
famous vampire without the 'r'
worship bldg or UK Prime Minister Henry John
Napoleon's last stand
Halloween squash, with a tumor
infamous CSA POW camp
lower than soprano
The first Mrs. de Winter of Manderley
Bacall's Humphrey
Josephine the Plumber
Barry of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'
nickname for the Southern US
rock + big hill
George, Weezy, or US President Thomas
hog meat + 2000 lbs.
Santa's first reindeer
Coded DescriptionTown
'White Christmas' Irving
short for Los Angeles International Airport
The Rat Pack's Joey
'Family Guy' family
Emperor Constantine's sainted mother
Singer Rita or US President Calvin
'Don't Cry Out Loud' Melissa
Jeannie's master Tony or British Lord Horatio
Fay of 'King Kong'
Actress Marilyn or US President James
holy dragonslayer
Real site of the fictional Tara
the millionaire—and his wife
figure skater Tonya or US President Warren
'Please, sir, I want some more.'
related to Tygers—oh my!
The Duchess of Cornwall
Australia's Sunshine State
blossomy tree limb

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