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Can you name the types of wolves by vowels only?

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VowelsWolvesCurrent Location
_u___a _o__Northern Russia
__a_ _o__Canada & North-West USA
_a_e_ _o__Central South America
A___i_ _o__Northern Canada
_e_i_a_ _o__South-West USA
E__io_ia_ _o__Eastern Africa
_o___ _ou__ai_ _o__ (OR) _a__e__ie _a__e_ _o__Western Canada & Alaska
Ea__e__ _o__South-East Canada
A_a_ia_ _o__Southern Middle East
VowelsWolvesCurrent Location
_a__ou_e_ I__a__ _o__Western Canada
_e_ _o__Eastern USA
Eu_a_ia_ _o__Asia & Eastern Europe
I__ia_ _o__South-West Asia
_u__a_o _o__ (OR) __ea_ __ai__ _o__Eastern & North East Canada
I_a_ia_ _o__Southern Europe
_i_e_a_ _o__Cental & Eastern Asia
I_e_ia_ _o__Western Europe
_a__i_ I__a__ _o__Northern Canada
__e__e _o__Eastern Asia

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