Heavy Metal Family Tree

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Can you name the Bands of the heavy metal family tree as seen on 'Metal: A Head Banger's Journey'?

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Early Metal (1966-71)
Shock Rock (1968-83)
Progressive Metal (1970-Present)
Glam Metal (1973-90)
Original Hard Rock (1974-79)
Early Punk (1976-79)
Power Metal (1976-Present)
Pop Metal (1978-Present)
New Wave of British Heavy Metal (1979-83)
Original Hardcore (1980-86)
First Wave of Black Metal (1981-86)
Stoner Metal (1982-Present)
Thrash Metal (1983-Present)
Death Metal (1985-Present)
Metalcore (1985-Present)
Hard Alternative (1985-Present)
Grindcore (1987-Present)
Industrial Metal (1988-Present)
Grunge (1988-93)
Goth Metal (1990-Present)
Swedish Death Metal (1990-Present)
Norwegian Black Metal (1990-Present)
Nu Metal (1994-Present)
New Wave of American Metal (2000- Present)

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