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You wear this on your foot
You do this in the mall
This is done with an axe
Potato__ or Micro __
When your nails get long you do this
The action done to show a round of applause
You should be ___ when you go out in public
Someone who just finished high school or college
The actor Pitt
Someone whose spoiled
Slang for a social organization in college
Christopher Columbus proved that the world was not __
You work out to get rid of this
To talk excessively
A random-looking spot of color
Opposite of a neat freak
There are many of these in Las Vegas
Someone with this quality would not likely win a race
You go to Broadway to see one of these
A type of Chinese food: __ Mein
When you put #21 in your mouth, you ___
A type of water sport
The production of coffee or beer
You did this to bubbles when you were little
This happened to someone who was stabbed
A fugitive did this
The present tense of #27
A popular show on FOX
This stuff is sticky
One color of the American flag
When you only remember something in bits and pieces, its all a ___
Racist Slang is also known as a racial __
A girl who gets around a lot
Synonym of closed
You take one on goal
Another name for a club is a night __
A rude thing to do
A killer might do this to one's throat
Another word for thin
When you're angry, you might do this to the door
A slang term used in the fashion industry
a term of measurement
Slang for street car or trolley
This is set up to catch people in the act
If your shoe is untied, you might __
Singular form of an infamous gang
Where a baby sleeps or slang for one's home
Crusty is an example
Describes someone who doesn't know how to dress
To carry something in lazy manner
To gloat about oneself
Slang for a type of grenade
Actress Drescher
Slang term for your mother's mother
A type of smile
ESPN reporter Andrews
An ancient city in India
A middle-eastern nation
Tony Stark is __ Man
A symbol on a computer screen
Slang for a type of business course
A University in North Carolina
A city in Germany
Describes what happens in a movie
A thick lump of blood
Slang for an eccentric old person
This is used for walking
Another name for a military base
An American Automobile
You might do this in a game of poker
Its like this in the winter
Singular of a Midwestern football team
Singular of an ancient society that lived in Europe
This keeps your pants tight
A church has one
You can go to one of these to make a wish
A first name or a dying wish
First name of a basketball player who scored 100 points in one game
A Scottish man might wear one

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