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A Popular Soda
To Contend with difficulties
Often worn by magicians
Where Bats Live
To Rescue
What Retail Workers Make
To stop in place
A place for shopping
Flour is made there
Many neckties are made from this
This is where you wash your hands
A feminine color
The first word to a Chinese sport
An Online Game
Britney Spears did this to become famous
You walk on this at the beach
e.g. Metallica
A fictional Spy or 'to clique'
Heroes have this trait
The weather during the Winter Time
Can be used for extension
e.g. King of Aces
Can be used to move groceries around
First name of a character in The Simpsons
The sound a dog makes
A place you can take a walk
Slang for benefit
An outrageous hairstyle
Be careful not to pass it on
A girl's name that sounds like a guy's name
Synonym for Acid Reflex Disease
A group of sheep
Some of the questions might be__
Toxic Substances can do this
Many Animals life here
What Steven Spielberg makes

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