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Random Facts
_______ as Love
Valleys of ________
How old was he when he died?
Electric ___________
He set his guitar on fire at which music festival?
Friend and bass player
Are you _________?
Influenced by (What style?)
Stationed in the army in (what state?)
Born (What name?)
______ Bold as Love
Cause I'm a _________ Child
Died in (city)
______ Lady
Died by
Let me stand next to your ______
Random Facts
Woodstock's most memorable performance
Fly on my sweet ________
Born in (year)
_______ Made of ________
What city is he from?
His real name
Butterflies and Zebras and Moonbeams
Band of _______
______ House
His drummer
_______ _______ of the New Rising Sun
Hey ______
Died in (year)
Who originally wrote All Along the Watchtower?
The ______ Cries Mary
Excuse me while I kiss the sky

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