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Can you name the Summits of the European Mountain Ranges?

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Mountain RangeMountainInfo
Caucasus5,641 m. Russia
Caucasus5,205 m. Russia
Caucasus5,201 m. Georgia, Russia
Alps4,810 m. France, Italy
Alps4,634 m. Switzerland
Alps4,545 m. Switzerland
Pyrenees3,404 m. Spain
Pyrenees3,375 m. Spain
Pyrenees3,355 m. Spain
Peaks on the Balkans2,925 m. Bulgaria, Rila
Peaks on the Balkans2,917 m. Greece, important mountain, has it's own range ;-)
Peaks on the Balkans2,764 m. Albania, Macedonia, Korab Range
Peaks on the Balkans2,694 m. Albania, Dinaric Alps
Peaks on the Balkans2,915 m. Bulgaria, Pirin
Peaks on the Balkans2,376 m. Bulgaria, Balkan Range
Corsica2,706 m. France
Mountain RangeMountainInfo
Sierra Nevada3,480 m. Spain
Sierra Nevada3,393 m. Spain
Sierra Nevada3,371 m. Spain
Apennines2,912 m. Italy
Apennines2,793 m. Italy
Apennines2,486 m. Italy
Carpathians2,655 m. Slovakia
Carpathians2,633 m. Slovakia
Carpathians2,627 m. Slovakia
Scandinavian Mountains2,469 m. Norway
Scandinavian Mountains2,465 m. Norway
Scandinavian Mountains2,405 m. Norway
Volcano3,718 m. Spain (Canaries)
Volcano3,350 m. Italy (Sicily)
Volcano2,423 m. Spain, (Canaries)

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