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Can you name the Michael Jackson songs by their antonyms?

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AntonymSongRelease Year
Acquaintance in Washington, D.C1996
Come Here1983
White And Black1991
Lumpy Do-gooder1988
Jelly Bean1982
I Am Surrounded By All My Friends1995
Lagging Heavenly Figure1989
Don't Gotta Be Quitting Nothing1983
Alien Technology1983
First Whole Of You1988
I Classical My Home2001
Clean Kate1988
Pluto Concert1995
Ugly Old Person1983
Come To Me1989
Fall Toward1987
Woman With Low Self-Esteem1988
On The Ground1980
I Am Obsessed With You1996
Destroy The House1992
Wrongful Terrible Enemy1987
Fix of Dusk2001

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