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HintPresident1st Year of Term
Spokesman for General Electric
Annexation of Hawaii
1st provisional governor or Cuba
Only from Illinois with military service
Treaty of Portsmith, New Hampshire
1st Democratic-Republican
VP: Garner, Wallace, and Truman
1st born after WWII
14 points
John Wilkes Booth
Replaced a man with gastroentritis
Replaced the 9th President
Last to sport facial hair
Purchase of California, Arizona, New Mexico
Louisiana Purchase
1st President to die in 2nd Term
1st president of non-british decent
Nicnamed 'Old Hickory'
Was Secretary of War and State
Won the Pulitzer Prize
Only with Ph.D
McKinley Tariff
VP: Nixon
The B was for Bichard
VP: George H. W. Bush
3rd from Virginia
B is for Baines
Created Departments of Energy and Education
Born named Leslie
1st Republican
Don't Ask, Don't tell Repeal Act
Great Society
Abolished Gold Standard
Start of Vietnam war
Brain Trust
The S stood for nothing (19th Century)
VP: Mondale
HintPresident1st Year of Term
Camp David Accords
Died the same year as Queen Victoria
VP: Lyndon B. Johnson
War of 1812
F is for Fitzgerald
Never elected to Presidency or VP
1st inaugurated on January 2nd
Impeached (20th Century)
XYZ Affair
Herbert Walker
Only eleceted Democrat from 1860-1912
1st Secretary of State
52 captives. 444 days.
The D stands for David
11th CIA director
VP: Joe Biden
VP: Humphrey
Youngest Elected
Youngest to TAKE office
Elected without a Party
VP: Quayle
Second from Tennessee
VP: Agnew, Ford
Bay of Pigs invasion
The Space Race
Born named John
The S stands for nothing (20th Century)
1st Democrat
Father of Civil Service
Second from Massachusetts
1st American to win a Nobel Prize
Midnight Judges
Only Tenneseean to be impeached
No Child Left Behind
HintPresident1st Year of Term
VP: Dick Chaney
First From Virginia
4 terms?!
2nd to win Nobel Prize
VP: Barkley
1st born as an american citizen
The Big 4 meeting
Only President from New Hampshire
Helped start FDIC and Social Security
War on Poverty
1st Vice President
California Governor
Jeb, Neil, Marvin, Dorothy
Second Whig to die in office
Chief Justice
Started EPA
Second Eldest
Cuban Missle Prize
1st from Tennessee
Born named Hiran
200 days in office
5th President to die in office
Was once a New York Governor
From Georgia
VP: Al Gore
Aid to weak countries in order to reduce Communism
Born named Thomas
Europe's interfering in American Affairs
The Last Whig
Served 32 days
October 24th 1929
The Life-long Bachelor
Last born in 18th Century

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