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TitleCreator or PatronDate and Genre
Cathedral of Florence(1420) Building
Taj Mahal (Name Patron)(1632) Building
Fallingwater(1936) Building
Eiffel Tower(1889) Building
The Death of Marat(1793) Building
Alhambra (Name Patron)(1354) Building
American Gothic(1930) Painting
Chrysler Building(1930) Building
St. Peter's Basilica(1626) Building
Guernica(1937) Painting
The Persistence of Memory(1931) Painting
Louvre (Name Patron)(1546) Building
Statue of Liberty(1886) Sculpture
Abraham Lincoln Memorial(1922) Building
Parthenon (Name Patron)(477 bc) Building
Saint Paul's Cathedral(1708) Building
Starry Night (1889) Painting
Temple of Jerusalem (Name Patron)(10th Century BC) Building
Nighthawks(1942) Painting
TitleCreator or PatronDate and Genre
School of Athens(1509) Painting
Westminster Abbey (Name Patron(1245) Building
The Thinker(1900) Sculpture
The Birth of Venus(1480) Painting
Arrangement in Gray and Black, No. 1:The Artist's Mother (1871) Painting
Las Meninas(1656) Painting
Gateway Arch(1965) Building
Last Supper(1495-1498) Painting
Mona Lisa(1500) Painting
Mount Rushmore(1927-1941) Sculpture
Uffizi Palace (Name Patron)(1560-1581) Building
The Arnolfini Wedding(1434) Painting
The Gates of Hell(1880) Building
Sistine Chapel(1473) Building
The Shooting Company of Captain Franz Banning Cocq(1642) Painting
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum(1959) Building
David(1440) Sculpture
The Third of May, 1808(1814) Painting

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