Pokemon by Greek/Latin Root

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Can you name the Pokemon by Greek/Latin Root (original 150)?

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Root - MeaningPokemon NameOrigin
cani - dogLatin
hypn - sleepGreek
lax - not tenseLatin
dactyl - fingerGreek
taur - bullGreek and Latin
du - twoLatin
rhynch - snoutGreek
sec - cutLatin
saur - lizard, reptileGreek
tri - threeGreek and Latin
Root - MeaningPokemon NameOrigin
prim - firstLatin
psych - mindGreek
vict - conquerLatin
aer - air, atmosphereGreek
rapidus - hasty, snatchingLatin
meta - changeGreek
grav - heavyLatin
arct - relating to coldGreek
orb - circleLatin
vulp - foxLatin

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