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Can you name the two word terms that are initialed ''H.H.''?

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Helmet used at construction sites to protect the head from injury by falling objects
Historical aviator and billionaire film producer, noted for having obsessive-cumpulsive disorder
Hot music genre that began in the South Bronx in the 1970s; similar to rap
Hardly America's best president, he held office at the beginning of the Great Depression
Have fun walking in these shoes made to make women seem taller
He was paired with Mr. T in the first WrestleMania wearing his trademark red and yellow
He established Playboy Magazine more than half a century ago
Hopefully you don't end up here, a home that helps criminals and addicts get back on their feet
Had you been in Nazi supporter in 1939, you might have hollered this at a rally
Hard-working American propane salesman from the Fox series, King of the Hill
Heat this packaged pasta and seasoning brand from Betty Crocker with water and ground beef
Haunting spirit that chased Ichabod Crane in Irving's ''The Legend of Sleepy Hollow''
HGTV reality series in which home buyers select one of three pursued abodes
Half of the people living in this state capital are Asian/Pacific Native (city, state)
Harsh lad... This period of 60 minutes devoted to alcohol was banned in Ireland in 2003
Hungarian-American escape artist whose favorite stunt was his Chinese Water Torture Cell
Hilarious American television sitcom set in a German POW camp run by Colonel Klink
Heiress Paris is the great-granddaughter of the founder of this lodging accommodation chain
Hollywood actress from ''Twister'', ''Cast Away'', ''What Women Want'', and ''As Good as it Gets''
Hasbro brought us this board game in which you control ravenous river horses

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