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HintScience Term
A huge stellar explosion from death of a star
Element represented by S in the periodic table
An amino acid
Perhaps the most popular cat in theoretical physics
Math definition of 'Σ'
Darwin's 'Origin of ~'
One of the three types of rocks
Type of plants that can store water, like aloe and cactus
The type of measurement for NaCl in the oceans
Lions are not king of the jungle, they live here instead
Disease due to lack of vitamin C
A liquid that helps solubulise a solid or another liquid
The art of balancing chemical equations
A type of cell in bone marrow that can differentiate to a range of different cells
A type of air pollution mixed with fog
HintScience Term
Atmospheric layer where planes usually fly in
Type of electricity when you run your socks on carpet
Mendel's First Law of ~
XX and XY
Mushroom's version of 'seed'
Hormones that has cholesterol as a precursor molecule
Respiratory disease that became a pandemic in 2003
The trigonometric trio: ~, cos, tan
The definition of 'c' in E=mc^2
Second largest planet in our solar system
Digestive organ filled with acidic gastric juices
A muscle that seperates the organ above from the rest of the digestive tract
Cancer that is formed on soft tissues or connective tissues
The male gamete
Unit of time in the SI units

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