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what they arecharacters
one of the film's three main antagonists
is the son of former bar owner Marion Ravenwood
is an American businessman who desires the Holy Grail in order to achieve immortality
a guide accompanying Indiana
an American singer working at Club Obi-Wan in Shanghai who is caught up in Indiana's adventures
the Peruvian guide who turns against Indiana
had an affair with Indiana
a sociopathic Gestapo agent who attempts to steal the medallion from Marion
Main Character
an Austrian art professor who desires the Grail, and like Donovan, she keeps her involvement with the Nazis a secret
what they arecharacters
is a colleague of Indiana who broke off contact with him in 1937 while searching for the skulls
is a young taxicab driver in Shanghai, who helps Indiana escape from Lao Che
Indiana's estranged father
friends with Indiana's father
A Soviet agent born in a small mountain village in the eastern regions of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
an anti-hero who is a friend with Jones
Coolest person in movie
the main antagonist and the Thuggee high priest
a burly Egyptian excavator and a friend of Indiana
an American freelance pilot

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