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What country is Bastille Day celebrated in?
What nickname is given to drummer Chris Wood?
What award did Bastille win at the 2014 BRIT Awards?
What was the first single Bastille released?
What is Bastille's label?
What was the name of the rerelease of the album 'Bad Blood'?
Finish the lyric: 'I have written you down now...'
What song contains the lyrics, 'Change is on our hands and on our faces'?
What song was the hidden track on the album 'Bad Blood'?
Who was the original artist of the cover, 'What would you do?'?
What two songs are 'Of the Night' a mash up of?
In what year did they form?
Finish the Lyric: 'There's a hole in my soul...'
What song is about a Greek Myth?

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