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''I drink your milkshake!''
''Nobody puts baby in a corner.''
Terrible Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper movie
It sucks 
Quentin Tarantino re-writes history
Jim Carrey is obsessed with the number 23
Russell Crowe needs to get on the 3:10 train to Yuma
Mike Myers marries an axe murderer
Bill Murray won't leave Richard Dreyfuss alone
''Sometimes you just gotta say... what the f***''
Two guys really want white castle
Uma Thurman is really angry
She don't care about nothin' 
''What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!''
Patrick Swayze is a ghost
''Knocked up'' from the woman's point of view
Drew Barrymore dies in first five minutes
Morgan Freeman in prison
Teenage girl kills everyone at prom
Leonardo DiCaprio owns slave plantation
Jack Nicholson goes cuckoo
I couldn't resist 
Cameron Diaz is really bad

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