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Can you name the term that was Googled more frequently since 2004?

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A) Stanford or B) Harvard
A) Success or B) Failure
A) Mario or B) Luigi
A) World Series or B) Super Bowl
A) Walt Whitman or B) Robert Frost
A) Robert Pattinson or B) Taylor Lautner
A) Movie or B) Book
A) Taylor Swift or B) Carrie Underwood
A) Sporcle or B) Quibblo
A) Sleep or B) Eat
A) USA or B) China
A) George Washington or B) Abraham Lincoln
A) Macbeth or B) Hamlet
A) Facebook or B) MySpace
A) Table or B) Chair
A) Bible or B)Torah
A) San Diego or B) San Francisco
A) Rope or B) String
A) Wine or B) Beer
A) Johnny Depp or B) Brad Pitt
A) King or B) Queen
A) Google or B) Yahoo
A) Hannah Montana or B) Justin Bieber
A) Desert or B) Beach
A) Red Sox or B) Yankees

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