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A retarded man and his family, most famously a foreign accented child, go on several misadventures.1999
A camera crew follows a group of workers around.2005
A yellow cleaning utensil and a deep sea animal do wacky things.1999
A doctor, finding it hard to get through everyday life at a hospital, imagines things.2001
A group of strange occurrences are grouped into a specific zone.1959
The world through the eyes of a Jew, a Christian, a Nazi, and a accident-prone boy.1997
Two friends, one in entertainment and another in business, bond even more.2006
One human and two machines are tortured by watching infamous moments in cinematography.1988
A former education official sells illegal products in the South.2008
Several friends look through the romantic world.2005
A member of a government agency and his dysfunctional nuclear family go on several adventures. 2005
An agency in the 60's advertises for many clients.2007
The second in command of a government department leads her workers in several government-themed stories. 2009
A series of random scenes are shown as an audience laughs.1975
An extremely dysfunctional family including a prankster, a drunkard, and a genius.1989
A bearded cop takes down criminals in Texas.1993

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