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Executive Producer 
First Winner 
First to Quit 
First to be Voted Out 
Popular Tie-Dye Guy 
Casting Director 
Survivors Who Married Each Other 
First Medivaced Contestant 
Frequent Entertainment Weekly Reporter 
They Vote for the Winner 
Paschal Lost by Pulling a ...  
Where Messages Arrive to Castaways 
Where the Vote Happens 
When 2 Tribes Become One 
Twist Where 2 Castaways Were Voted Back Into the Game 
Game where Survivors Guarantee Voting Safety 
Game where Survivors win helpful things 
First Season with More than 16 Contestants 
Season with Tribes Divided by Race 
First Season Where Man Voted Out First 
Second Season with Returning Contestants 
In this game, _________ represents life. 
Host Says this After a Player is Voted Out 

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