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Can you name the following common titles, names, and terms associated with both music and movies?

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1933 Katharine Hepburn film1995 Oasis song
1978 Cars song2008 Dane Cook film
1962 Ben E. King song1986 Wil Wheaton film
The first film to win the Oscar for Best Picture1970s Paul McCartney-led band
Nickname of rock musician Gordon Sumner1973 Robert Redford film
1994 Oasis album2008 Ryan Reynolds film
Canadian equivalent to the Grammy Awards2007 Ellen Page film
1970 Grateful Dead album1999 Kevin Spacey film
1996 Bill Murray film1999 Backstreet Boys song
1968 Beatles song1977 Jane Fonda film
A line from the 1904 song 'Yankee Doodle Boy'1989 Tom Cruise film
1979 Cure song1999 Hilary Swank film
1960s-1970s Steve Winwood-led band2000 film directed by Steven Soderbergh
Actor turned 2-time Oscar winning director2001 Gorillaz song
1962 Beatles song2007 Hilary Swank film
1972 Elton John song1997 Harland Williams film
1968 Rolling Stones song1986 Whoopi Goldberg film
1991 Metallica song1992 Best Picture winner

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