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Which Saints wide receiver caught over 1,000 in 1992 (E. M.)?
How many games did the Saints win in the three seasons that Mike Ditka was head coach?
How many times did the Saints make the playoffs in the 1990's? (note: Please press the space bar after your #.)
Which 2000 fifth round draft pick out of USC made his debute by returning a punt for a touchdown in his first preseason game (C.M.)?
Retired in 2002, who was the only Saint in 2001 who had been with the team before the 1990's (W.M.)?
Who was the famous trumpet player who played 'When The Saints Go Marching in' every time they scored (A. H.)?
From 1967 - 1974 the Saints played where?
Who is the Saints head coach for the 2010 Super Bowl (S. P.)?
Who once set the record for the longest reception in franchise history of 90 yards in 1999 (E. K.)?
What year did the Saints play their inaugurial season?
What are the Saints team colors?
What was the name of the Saints' mascot in 2001?

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