Agatha Christie Novel By Victims

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Can you name the Agatha Christie Novel By Victims?

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Major Palgrave, Victoria Johnson, Lucky Dyson, Molly Kendall*
Alice Asher, Betty Barnard, Charmichael Clark, George Earlsfield
George Barton, Rosemary Barton, Iris Marle*
Anthony Marston, Mrs. Rogers, General MacArthur, Mr. Rogers, Emily Brent, Justice Wargrave, Dr. Armstrong, Henry Blore, Phillip Lombard, Vera Claythorne
Nofret, Sobek, Ipy, Satipy, Esa, Henet, A Messenger Boy, Yahmose*
Celia, Mrs. Nick, Pat Lane
Cora Lansquenet, Miss Gilchrist*, Helen Abernathie*
Rev. Babbington, Dr. Tollie Strange, Mrs. de Rushbridger
Louise Leidner, Miss Johnson
Louise Carpenter, David Baker, Ariadne Oliver*
Rudi Scherz, Dora Bunner, Miss Murgatroyd, Mitzi*
Mrs. McGinty, Mrs. Upward, Hercule Poirot*
Mrs. Franklin, Stephen Norton, Dr. Franklin*, Major Allerton*, Daisy Lutrell*
Linnet Doyle, Louise Bourget, Salome Otterbourne
Mona Symmington, Agnes, Megan Hunter*
Farquahar, Vanda Polonska
Maggie Buckley, 'J', Freddie Rice*
Hattie Stubbs, Marlene Tucker, Merdell
Mr. Shaitana, Anne Meredith, Mrs. Lorrimer, Rhoda Dawes*
Grace Springer, Miss Vansittart, Madame Blanche, Miss Chadwick

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