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warrior who carried the lightning bolt Vajra and defends the world; fought the water-stealing asura Vrita; originally king of the gods; golden-bodied; rides a white elephant
rides a chariot pulled by seven horses around Mount Meru each day; has hair and arms of gold; chief solar deity
rides the white bull Nandi; holds the skull of samsara; ascetic whose intense tapas turned him into a fiery lingam that was quenched by the yoni; destroyer and restorer god
Anjana and this god bore #15; mount is an antelope; god of the winds
born from a lotus flower in the navel of #9; 5th head chopped off to stop lust for #12, his marriage to whom was taboo--no longer worshiped unlike the other Trimurti gods
surrounded by sacred white elephants; as Shreedevi, bestowed power upon the Asura king Bali; goddess of the earth and wealth; sits atop a lotus
has seven tongues and three legs; rides a ram or fiery chariot; twin of #1; acceptor of sacrifices; two-headed Vedic god of fire
used broken tusk to pen parts of the Mahabharata; rides a rat; remover of obstacles; beheaded by #3 but resurrected with head of elephant
final incarnation will be in the form of Kalki; has 9 other avatars including Narasimha and Rama; protector and restorer of the world
tangled hair cushioned the fall of the Ganges from heaven; depiction of #3; creation, embodiment, release, protection, & destruction make up the five aspects of his Cosmic Dance
defeated the toxic serpent Kaliya; one form is Gopala, a butter-eating infant; divine cow-herder on the banks of the Yamuna; 8th incarnation of #9
relentlessly pursued by #5, who grew five heads so he could always watch her; goddess of wisdom and arts; wears simple white sari; mount is a swan and symbol is a peacock
associated with eternal energy; goddess of time and change; aspect of #17 who assisted #16 in defeating Raktabija
composite of the shaktis of seven gods; slayer of Mahisha, the buffalo demon; fearless and patient manifestation of Devi and goddess of nature
provider of courage; the king of the bears, Jambavan, reminded him of his powers, which include changing size; depicted as a robust monkey holding a mace
war god and commander of the devas; mount is a peacock; lost a race around the world to #8, who instead just circled his parents
goddess sent to replace Sati as the consort of #3, whom she impressed with her powerful tapas; union between her and #3 resurrected Kama

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