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DescriptionMythical Being
King of the Gods; golden-bodied; rides a white elephant
Chief solar deity; has hair and arms of gold
Destroyer god; wife is Parvati; wears a snake coiled around his neck
Lord of the Winds; mount is an antelope
Goddess of wealth; sits atop a lotus
Vedic God of Fire; two-headed; acceptor of sacrifices
God of Sky, Water, and Celestial Ocean; rides sea creature Makara
Remover of obstacles; head of an elephant; patron of letters and learning
DescriptionMythical Being
Protector and restorer of the world
The Cosmic Dancer; a depiction of #3
Divine Cow-Herder; 8th incarnation of #9
Goddess of knowledge and arts; wears simple white sari
Associated with eternal energy; goddess of time and change
Buffalo Demon Slayer; manifests fearlessness and patience
Provider of courage; depicted as a robust monkey holding a mace
Supreme commander of the gods and destroyer of evil forces

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