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Which brand appears in all pixar movies except the incredibles?
What kind of animal watched the cctv at the daycare?
Which of the following toys was not in Toy Story 3: Chunk,Lotso,Woody,Bo Peep and Alien?
What is the name of the room Buzz and the rest of the gang put in by Lotso?
Trixie and Rex are both what?
Which toy is Lotso and big baby with before he goes to the daycare?
What is the name of Andy's dog?
What girl did Andy give the toys to later?
Name of the daycare?
What was the name of the purple octopus?
Who does Jessie's favourite toy like the best?
Who voices for Woody?
What language does Buzz speak after the toys mess up trying to fix him?
Which toy decided to stay at the daycare?
Which toy(s) left before they started the adventure?
What food did Mr.Potato Head use after he escaped from the ''box''?

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