Name the disease from the symptoms?

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Can you name the domestic animal's disease from the symptoms??

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PU/PD, weightloss, polyphagia, glucosuria
Flank alopecia, PU/PD, chronic infection, thin skin, pot belly.
Bad breath, anorexia, increased IOP, pyrexia(temperature).
Decreased tear production, dry nose, chronic eye infection
Hyperexciteability, weightloss, polyphagia, behavioral changes, PU/PD
Painful convultions, painful urination, smiling appearance, difficulty breathing, presence of a wound
Straining to urinate, painful bladder, proteinuria, haematuria
Extreme hindlimb lameness, stifle joint laxity, stifle joint painful on palpation.
Head tilt, circling, nystagmus, anorexia, vomiting.
Aniscoria, head tilt, facial paralysis, temporal muscle atrophy.

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