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Can you name the given novels by their somewhat misinformed plot summaries?

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Incorrect PlotNovelAuthor
God destroys the Earth for its cowardice. He creates another that he is sure will be courageous
Like 'Field of Dreams', but home plate is still surrounded by thick wheat
The tale of a heliophobic flame who never goes out into the sunlight, and thus never becomes tan
The story of a lodger who makes a great deal of noise, and the landlord's subsequent anger
A biography of America's 18th President
'HOLY CRAP! Did that book of maps just move its shoulders?!'
A man goes back in time to give tulips to English poet Swineburn
Horrible irony ensues when a man tries to wave goodbye while standing under the blades of a helicopter
A man robs a bank. He then goes to prison
A murder mystery: A woman receives an envelope in the mail, but opens it to find that it is covered with blood (or at least something of a similar color!)

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