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Trivium ComputerTrivium ComputerTrivium Computer
Sometimes called an Ethernet card or Network card. This allows your computer to connect to other computers on a network.
any computer part you can only yell at
main circiut board that all of the other internal components connect to
Used to temporarily store information that the computer is currently working with
This is large-capacity permanent storage used to hold information such as programs and documents.
1,024 Bytes =
Not Available to the public;GUI, WYSIWYG, Ethernet, Object Oriented;Programming;Impressed Steve Jobs – Inspired Apple Macintosh
An electrical transformer regulates the electricity used by the computer
Transmits data to various parts of the computer. It is connected to the Motherboard and other computer components such as the Hard Drive or CD ROM devices;Transmits Data
Trivium ComputerTrivium ComputerTrivium Computer
CDs and DVDs are examples of it
what year does Intel invent the Microprocessor – the invention that makes the PC possible.
Also called the microprocessor this is the 'brain' of the computer system; everything the computer does is overseen here
First PC available to the public with GUI, Mouse;WYSIWYG and other technology adapted from the Alto
Legal method to copy a part protected by copyright.
do not contain any moveable parts;USB Flash drives and Memory Cards are examples of it
any computer part that you can hit with a hammer
what are stored magnetically on disc platters as positive or negative charges

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