Trivium Test Vision and Perception

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sensitive; black and white colors
white part of the eye
whole located in the iris
Also known as 'Mixing Light'
this image type handles solid colors and can support animation
a single point of a color ina graphic image
seeing something that really isn't there
ability to do work
What color do complements make in art?
what we make of what we see
reflecting light
tell your computer what type of info is included in the file and how to handle that info
translucent (clear) part of the eye
true or false. a picture is clearer with less pixels
coloring matter made from various minerals (From Art section)
Also known as 'Mixing Pigments'
this image type handles cartoons and animations and can support transparency
not nearly as sensitive as rods
Red, Yellow, Blue (Art class)
Magenta, Yellow, Cyan (Computer and Science sections)
colored part of the eye
a substance that absorbs light (science)
located under the cornea
what does .ppt stand for
Orange, Green, Purple (Art section)
What method do compiter monitors follow?
Red, Green, Blue (Computer and Science sections)
absense of light
what does .doc stand for
what we see
this image type handles photographs and other images with complex colors and doesn't support transparecny
describes 2 Dimensional objects
number of pixels
clear jellylike material
digital image editing software
form of energy
bending light
describes 3 Dimensional objects
what color in light dos red and blue make
tube like strus=cture located behind the retina

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