Word Ladder: Never Give Up, Never Surrender

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Can you name the 5 letter words to complete this word ladder based on the catchphrase from Galaxy Quest - 'Never give up. Never surrender'?

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Hint5 Letter Word
Actor who plays the commander on TV, _____ Nesmith
One who works with stone or brick
Subatomic particle that alliterates with previous rung
Gourd fruit
Spelling variation for a Greek island
Milk shakes with a little something extra
Damon, LeBlanc and Selby
Hint5 Letter Word
Latin for father
Commander of the NSEA Protector, _____ Quincy Taggert
Approximately 39.37 inches
Bishop headdress
Tiny arachnids
''I Can See For _____'' - the Who
President of the Fox News Channel, Roger _____
''Deutschland ├╝ber _____.'' - Deutschlandlied
Actor who plays the TV actor who plays the commander
who says the catchphrase, Tim _____

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