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DescriptionGI term
Highest part of the stomach
Sphincter relating to the stomach
After the ileum...
Appendage of the caecum
Vessel nestled in the nutcracker space
Vessel supplying the Oesoohagus
Second part of the duodenum
Long tall vessels supplying the small intestine
4 layers of peritoneum overlying abdominal contents
Area directly behind the stomach
DescriptionGI term
Liver Pathology resulting from obesity
Artery commonly perforated in peptic ulcer disease
Structure that stores bile
Structure opening into the second part of the duodenum
Artery supplying the anterior surface of the stomach near the greater curvature
Foramen communicating the lesser and greater sac
Line in the anal canal
Portion of the colon preceding the rectum
Peritoneal, fold on the anterior surface of the liver
Structure suspending the small intestine

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