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Stanley Kubrick/ Tom Cruise/ Nicole Kidman
David Fincher/ Edward Norton/ Brad Pitt
Sam Mendes/ Kevin Spacey/Annette Benning
M Night Shamylan/ Bruce Willis/ Haley Joel Osment
Mike Judge/ Ray Livingston/ Jennifer Anniston
The Wachowski Brothers/ Keanu Reeves/ Lawrence Fishburne
Frank Darabont/ Tom Hanks/ Michael Clarke Duncan
Tim Roth/ Ray Winstone/ Tilda Swinton
Michael Mann/ Al Pacino/ Russel Crowe
Paul T Anderson/ Tom Cruise/ Phillip Seymour Hoffman
David Lynch/ Richard Farnsworth/ Sissy Spacek
John Lasseter/ Tom Hanks/ Tim Allen
Spike Jonez/ John Cussack/ Catherine Keener
Troy Duffey/ Willem Dafoe/ Sean Patrick Flannery
Trey Parker/ Matt Stone
Joe Johnson/ Jake Gyllenhall/ Chris Cooper
Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp/ Christina Ricci
Lasse Hallstrom/ Tobey Maguire/ Charlize Theron
Kevin Smith/ Matt Damon/ Ben Affleck
Istvan Szabo/ Ralph Feinnes/ Rosemary Harris

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